Ligurian Food Specialties

Camogli Gift Box: 2 Trofiette, 2 Basil Trofiette, 3 Lasagne, 2 Croxetti, 4 Pesto 180g, 2 Pesto 90g, 1 Walnut Sauce 170g, 1 Walnut Sauce 80g

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Handmade high-quality product

Traditional Ligurian recipe

A delicious box of pasta, pesto and walnut sauce makes for a thoughtful and practical gift idea for any occasion, as well as for yourself. Whether it's a busy weeknight or a special occasion, this box has got you covered. A satisfying Italian meal is only a few clicks away


All orders are prepared and packaged upon shipment, based on the items quantity.


Only certified high-quality ingredients sourced in the Ligurian region of Italy.


We offer global delivery of our delicious goods to different countries.