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3 Boxes of Pandolce Antica Genova, 500/750g each

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Handmade high-quality product

Traditional Ligurian recipe

Pandolce is a typical Genovese sweet brought as a gift and consumed during Christmas. After old traditions, its goodness and versatility made it suitable for consuming during any time of the year. It is a sweet representative of the wealth of Genova, nutritious and famous for its long-preserved characteristics.

N.B. This product is freshly prepared to order. Estimated production time: 1 week

Tender wheat flour, 22% sultanine raisins, butter, sugar, milk, 9% candied orange, eggs, pine nuts 3%, liveitary agents, orange aroma, vanilla aroma. Contains: Gluten, eggs, milk and products deriving from milk, nuts. Does not contain GMOs.


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