Delicious pesto,
the green gold
of Liguria.

Se Ghe Pensu sources and delivers high-quality
products from the famous Italian region.

Traditional recipes with a strong link to the territory.

Cultural identity also comes from the cuisine. The region of Liguria plays a massive role in making Italian food the most appreciated globally, thanks to many traditional recipes born in this very region.

Fresh ingredients and appropriate cooking, a skill inherited from father to son. Se Ghe Pensu's chefs know these secrets and will let you take them home.

Ligurian basil,
most intense flavor
in the world.

So tasty, so good!

Pesto is one of the most appreciated and best known Italian products worldwide. But the real Italian pesto is not as widespread. 

Only true Ligurian pesto offers maximum quality, intense aroma, a lively color and an unmistakable taste.


Kitchen is the
heart of the
family tradition.

In every Italian family, grandmothers had the good habit to pass down to new generations their recipes. These are truly amazing recipe books from past times, noted down by hand, containing traces of popular culture.

This treasure became the foundation of Italian cuisine and we are making it now available for you to taste, one click away.


Delicious food,
one click away!


We follow original recipes for the preparation of every product.


We strictly use local and quality ingredients sourced within Liguria.

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